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Hello! I’m Jamie Wiltshire – A professional & award-winning session singer & songwriter from Cambridge, UK. I’m incredibly passionate about the projects I work on, with over 650 five-star testimonials. I have a unique and powerful vocal range to meet your needs on any Rock, Pop or EDM project.

I have an acoustically treated studio to ensure excellent vocal recordings, ready for commercial use. 

Quote from Alex Baker – Kerrang! Radio
Standing Like Statues are fronted by Jamie Wiltshire who’s voice is just “oh my God!” I wish I could sing like this dude. They had Romesh Dodangoda work on their track Skylines. Just enormous. Love it”


650+ Five Star Reviews (session work)

How To Hire Me

Please send the full amount of your chosen service below via PayPal or Bank Transfer, and then email the necessary files and any information I will need to fulfil your order. Once I receive the email, you will be placed in my queue and I will begin working on your project within the next 5-10 days. Any questions? Please contact me at: info@jayvocals.com

Full Song Lyrics


   Original lyrics for your track

Song Lyrics & Melody


Original Lyrics and Guide Vocal Demo for your track

Pro Vocals


Lead & Double Tracked Vocals for YOUR pre-written song

Pro Vocals & Lyrics


Lyrics & Melodies with Pro Lead & Double Tracked Vocals

Complete Singer Songwriter Package


Lyrics & Melody Writing With Pro Lead & Double Tracked Vocals & Backing & Harmony layers

Pay with confidence via PayPal or BACS. Contact: info@jayvocals.com if you have any questions.



Where can I hear more examples of your music?
There is a playlist below, or you can search for ‘Standing Like Statues’, ‘Jamie Black’, Dear Monday, or ‘Jamie Wiltshire’.

Where can I read more testimonials?
Most of them can be found on Fiverr & AirGigs.

How does it work in terms of royalties or splits?
Please send me a message and we can discuss this privately, as it depends on the project.

What files will you deliver?
Happy to deliver for your specific needs. Typically, it’s dry 24 bit – 48 KHz WAV files.

Any more questions or concerns?
Please send me a message. I will get back to you ASAP!

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